Private Health Insurance Cost Calculators

Many health insurance companies give information to their members on the cost of certain healthcare procedures. These tools take your specific plan into account, including your deductibles and co-insurance. The following health insurance company websites have information on the costs of healthcare procedures for their subscribers in Maine. You can only access these tools if you have a plan with these companies and you need a user ID and password.

Aetna: Member Payment Estimator

Comparing costs from different healthcare settings and providers can help you save money. This tool factors in your plan details, deductible and co-insurance so you can find costs for procedures, office visits, lab tests and surgery before you go.

Anthem: Care & Cost Finder

Care & Cost Finder helps you compare costs for common healthcare services. Estimates are based on what your plan covers, so you get a true picture of what you would pay.

Harvard Pilgrim: Estimate My Cost

Estimate My Cost is a cost and quality tool to help Harvard Pilgrim members make better decisions about their healthcare.

United Healthcare

This tool provides estimates to help people better understand the costs associated with their treatment options so they can make more informed healthcare decisions.