The average cost data on CompareMaine does not represent what an individual will pay for any given procedure. Please contact your health insurance carrier or your provider to get a personalized estimate.

By using CompareMaine, you agree with this statement: I understand that the average cost estimates provided on CompareMaine for specific healthcare procedures represent an average payment to facilitate comparison between providers and health insurance companies and do not reflect what my out of pocket costs may be for any given procedure.

The estimates are an average based on the most recent available claims data. Please contact your healthcare and insurance providers to ask about your expected out-of-pocket costs.

There are more than 280 medical procedures on CompareMaine. A five-digit CPT Code is used by healthcare providers and medical facilities to identify medical procedures. Thousands of CPT Codes exist, so you may not find a specific procedure and CPT Code on CompareMaine. Contact your insurance company, healthcare provider or medical facility with questions about CPT Codes related to your healthcare. The cost estimates on this website represent the average dollar amount paid by both the patient and their insurance company to a Maine healthcare provider for a healthcare procedure (identified by a CPT Code) during a specific time period.

Sometimes procedures represent a specific amount of time or a specific number of units, for example, a 30-minute psychotherapy visit or 1 unit of blood work. The cost estimates reflect a typical episode at a facility, which may include more than one unit. Please contact your insurance company and/or provider to learn the cost for one unit of the procedure.

If you have health insurance, you may want to select your insurance company (if it is one of the five insurance companies listed) and view the average cost data at that level vs. at the statewide level. The cost data represents an average payment and does not represent what an individual will pay out of pocket for a procedure. Consult with your health insurance carrier for a personalized estimate. If you do not have insurance, consult with your healthcare provider or medical facility.

MHDO makes every effort to provide accurate information on this website. Healthcare providers and insurance companies included on CompareMaine are sent data for review before it is published on this website.