Vaginal delivery

CPT Code: 59400

This payment estimate is for a typical 60-day episode of care and includes related medical services 30 days before and 30 days after the delivery. All services related to the delivery are included, such as anesthesia, administered medications, ultrasounds, laboratory services, labor room and delivery, and room and board. The services are provided by a variety of healthcare providers and settings. The payment estimate is attributed to the healthcare setting that was paid the most, usually the one where the delivery took place.

Vaginal delivery can be identified by many CPT Codes that have small variations from each other. For this procedure, episodes are identified by one of the following CPT Codes: 59400, 59409, 59410, 59610, 59612, or 59614. The Methodology for Reporting Bundled Episodes of Care details the complete list of codes included in this bundled episode.